Ways to Clean Pool Tile

It is very important to clean the pool tiles regularly. If you are regular in swimming, then it is even more important to clean the tiles in a very proper manner. If the tiles of the pool only contain calcium carbonate, then you can clean them easily with the help of a nylon brush or a pumice stone.

But in case if there is calcium silicate scaling then it can be removed only with the help of a steam cleaner. Here are a few steps that will help you to gain knowledge on Tiles Cleaning Services,

How to Clean Pool Tile
How to Clean Pool Tile

Removing calcium carbonate:

  • Using a pumice stone really helps you to a great extent to clean the calcium carbonate scaling that has settled on the tiles. Pumice stone is available in the market or you can purchase it even via the internet.
  • Pumice stone is proved to be useful on both of the hard and soft surfaces. So you can use a pumice stone to clean the stains on the pool tiles as well.
  • Avoid using a pumice stone on the vinyl or fiberglass.

Using nylon brush:

  • You can also make use of a nylon brush to clean the pool tiles. Since you are cleaning the hard scaling of the calcium carbonate, your brush should be harder to clean it completely.
  • You can make use of a nylon brush if your pool tiles are made up of glass, porcelain or ceramic. Tile will not get damaged in spite of using a hard nylon brush, so no need to worry.
Clean Pool Tile Using Nylon Brush
Clean Pool Tile Using Nylon Brush

Using releasers:

  • You can also make use of releaser namely Ocean care calcium releaser. This spray releaser will firstly soften the calcium carbonate layer settled on the Tiles Cleaning Services and then start cleaning it.
  • These releasers used are completely non-toxic and acid-free so it is safe to use.

Using pressure:

  • Always clean the stains or the calcium carbonate scaling in the circular motion so that you will be able to remove the stains very soon.
  • If you have a pressure washing machine then it is better to clean the pool tiles with the help of it.
  • In case if you don’t have the pressure washer then you can buy the pressure washer from the local stores for rent and then use it to clean.
  • The pressure maintained and the temperature fixed will help you to clean the entire pool tiles completely and effectively.
  • Make sure you remove all the debris present in the pool first and then start with your cleaning.
  • First, clean a small portion of the pool to check whether the solutions you are using are correct to clean the entire pool tiles. Then start cleaning the pool completely.
  • Wash the pool tiles partition by partition. After cleaning the entire pool wash the pool again with normal water.

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