Type of Infections You Can Catch from Dirty Carpets

Infectious diseases can make your overall surrounding unhealthy. Poor hygienic conditions are the main reason which can be due to stained carpets or bad odors. In the same way, unclean carpets can be a carrier of harmful bacteria and germs that can cause several diseases. Therefore, Carpet cleaning is a must in order to prevent yourself and your family from these infections.

Carpet Cleaning Service
Carpet Cleaning Service

5 Diseases Caused by Not Cleaning Carpets Regularly:


This bacterium is found during the winter season. It’s responsible for causing a disease named Campylobacteriosis and is common among humans. When someone eats or handles contaminated beverages and food, it can cause severe health issues among those who have a weak immune system. It causes diarrhea, cramps, pain in the gut, and fever.  You can avoid this disease to an extent by washing or Carpet Cleaning Methods process.


It is an agent that produces disease due to which a person suffers from diarrhea, fever, and cramps in the abdomen.  The disease lasts up to 7 days and takes 12 to 72 hours to show the symptoms after the infection is caused. Although it may not cause harm to a strong young adult, it’s quite dangerous for kids and older people.  Salmonella can be tracked by checking the shoes’ sole and carpet, and by keeping the carpets clean. 

Ways to Avoid Salmonella:

  1. Avoid eating food that is dropped on the floor or on the carpet.  
  2. Use the best vacuum cleaner and clean regularly.
  3. Try not to step on your carpet with shoes.

Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot isn’t a life-threatening condition, but they are painful and itchy.  Also, it’s uncomfortable for people who suffer from it.  It’s caused by germs that live on the dirty carpet. There’s a lot of trouble when the person has to wear closed shoes.

Kawasaki Syndrome

Kawasaki Syndrome is mostly caused during initial days of spring or late winter. It is caused when the chemical toxins and the bacteria present in your carpet reach your lungs. This can cause disabilities and in severe cases, even death. A few studies suggest that it is caused by dirty carpets.  However, the disease isn’t contagious and mostly affects young kids (1- 2 years). It’s not very common among kids above 8 years. The origin of the disease is not known, but it can be reduced by keeping your carpets clean.

Dust Mites and Asthma

Dirty carpets are the best breeding grounds for dust mites.  Mites feed on fungi and dead skin cells.  People get allergic to them when mites die.  They cause skin rashes, nose and eye irritation too. Studies have found that dust mites can be the reason for asthma. A dirty and wet carpet is the reason behind it. This causes allergic reactions in the respiratory system; thus carpet restoration can save life of your floor covering. It’s not life-threatening but a significant inconvenience to the person who’s suffering from it.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service
Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

How We Can Assist You?

For your healthy cleaning environment, Shine Cleaning Services professionals are there to help you. Thus at Cheap Carpet Cleaning in Canberra, you can stay away from liquid spills as well as dust particles.

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