Get Unparalleled Tile and Grout Cleaning Services in Ainslie

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Ainslie’s Finest Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

Give a new look to your floors with our exclusive range of affordable tile and grout cleaning services in Ainslie. Shine Tile and Grout Cleaning in Ainslie is a renowned name in the cleaning industry. Our power packed cleaning services, and after-sales services are some of the things we are known for. So if you have got a dirty floor or faded tile then don’t plan to change the tiles and grouts, instead, opt for our impeccable tile and grout cleaning services.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Ainslie
Tile and Grout Cleaning Ainslie

In the past 20 years of our industry experience, Shine Cleaning Services has restored thousands of floors. We deliver tile and grout cleaning services for domestic as well as commercial properties. Our experienced cleaners have the expertise to clean/restore all types of tiles. This includes floors like marble, slate, bluestone, terracotta, quarry tile, limestone, lino, sandstone, porcelain, travertine, granite, vinyl, ceramic, and timber floor.

Do You Need Professional Tile Cleaners?

The answer is YES! No matter what type of tile you have, it is vital to get it professionally cleaned once in a while to ensure a healthy atmosphere prevails in your premises. Time leaves its own marks on your tiles and grouts. Either you will see them in the form of stains and spots or in the form of decay and discolouration. Apart from this, there are certain damages that are invisible to the naked eye. Grouts, for instance, are porous that attract bacteria, mould, dust, allergens, germs, and what not!

Home cleaning methods with over-the-counter cleaning solutions do not do justice to your lovely tiles. Even if you literally bend down on your knees to scrub the floors, you won’t see many effective results. Professional cleaning, on the other hand, is done using highly effective cleaning solutions and the latest cleaning equipment. This ensures absolute cleanliness of the tiles and grouts thereby making them hygienic and healthy for your use. Moreover, it also avoids premature discolouration and decaying of tiles and grouts. 

Tile and Grout Cleaning Ainslie
Tile and Grout Cleaning Ainslie

How We Clean Tiles and Grouts at Shine Cleaning

It is important for you to know how we clean your tiles and grouts at Shine Tile and Grout Cleaning Ainslie:

  • Pre-Treatment of Tiles and Grouts – Our cleaners use an alkaline-based de-greasing agent to clean the tiles and grouts. We let it stay for almost 30 minutes. This helps in loosening dust, contaminants, grease, and other residues.
  • Tile Scrubbing – Our cleaners use special brushes to agitate tile surface and grout lines. We focus on baseboards and edges to ensure they are also absolute clean.
  • Pressure Rinsing of Tiles – Then we use heated water under high pressure to extract/rinse the tiles. This extracts all the dirt and contaminants in one go.
  • Drying of Tiles – Once our cleaners have extracted all water from the tiles and grouts, we dry the floors with the use of high powered fans.

We also provide excellent grout re-colouring, which is a way better solution than re-grouting. It is cost-effective, consumes less time, and completely rejuvenates your floor to give them a new look.

Restore Your Shower Tiles to New With Our Excellent Services

Tiles in the shower room get a huge amount of scum from the washing of clothes and bath. We wash and make our shower room dirty. The scum on its way to the ducts leave its impact on the tile surface and some of the particles remain in the grout which keeps on accumulating and became the reason for the growth of the stain and mould on the tile surface. The tiles become slippery and might become the reason for the accidents in the shower room. Get the professional cleaners in such situation to restore your shower tiles to new. The most reliable and experienced tile cleaners are available at Shine Cleaning Service.

Don’t let grimy and worn off grouts ruin the look of your walls and floors.

With our inclusive services of grout cleaning, grout colour sealing and Silicone grout sealing, we make grimy and worn off grouts clean and stop the walls and floors from getting ruined.

Expert Tile Cleaner Ainslie
Expert Tile Cleaner Ainslie

The following grout restoration services are helpful:

  • Grout cleaning: Grouts are small gaps which are porous in nature so get the accumulation of dirt. You can clean the dirt with the help of sandpaper followed by cleaning with the washing solution. We know that the dirt in grout is oily and greasy which will need special preparation to clean them effectively.
  • Grout colour sealing: When the grout gets completely filled with the dirt then they start to spread on the floor and walls. To stop these further spread we provide Grout Colour Sealing service in which we clean the grout then we fill the gaps with the grout filling substance and make the grouts clean and levelled to the floor.
  • Silicone grout sealing: The Silicone product is used in this process to protect the grout from getting damaged. Silicone gel makes a layer of it over the grout and prevents the entry of dirt to the grout gap. This remains functional for a longer period of time.

Restore Hard-to-Clean Surfaces with our High-Pressure Cleaning Services

Shine Cleaning Service is famous for the tile and grout cleaning in Ainslie because our professionals can restore the hard-to-clean surfaces with our high-pressure cleaning service. Our professionals are trained are experienced to finish such task which is difficult for others. The high-pressure cleaning techniques take out the old and stubborn dirt successfully as the pressure can reach to every gap. We believe in giving qualitative service and making them our customers forever.

We offer Affordable Concrete Sealing Services in Ainslie

Sealing service helps in making the tiles and grout strong so that they do not allow the seepage of water and the tiles lasts longer. you will find this service costly with most of the companies making it a complex issue. We know that the customers love to get services in the affordable ranges. That is why Shine Cleaning Service made this service available at an affordable price. You will not find any degradation in the quality of the service.

Affordable Concrete Sealing Services Ainslie
Affordable Concrete Sealing Services Ainslie

Kitchen tile cleaning and mould removal services

Tiles in the kitchen often face spillage of food, drink stain and dirt from other sources. We do not clean them regularly so mould and stain grow on the tiles of the kitchen. There are many unnoticeable corners in the house where no one sight goes. such places get the mould attacks. We are present in your local with our cleaning service. We provide cleaning service with the help of the professional cleaners who can clean the tiles and remove the moulds with their effective cleaning service.

We Clean and restore all types of tiles:

There are several types of tiles used in residential and commercial spaces. Tiles are an economical and eco-friendly flooring option which also lasts longer and have a lesser risk of damage and termite attacks in comparison to wood surface flooring. Shine Cleaning Service provides all types of tiles cleaning service so that we could be helpful to customers with different varieties of tiles. Our service providers clean and restore the tiles to their original colour and shining condition.

Types of tiles:

    1. Ceramic tiles:

      They are the most common types of tiles used in the houses and offices. They come in different shape and size. Generally, they are white and flat. It is convenient in cleaning and comes at the lower prices in comparison to other varieties of the tiles. The lower prices of the tiles make it affordable to all strata of the people.

    2. Marble:

      Most durable and found in different colour and designs as they are made from different component materials. They really add on to the beauty of the interior but it’s very difficult to keep them clean as they are good absorbent which makes them prone to the stains. This can not be used in the open areas as it can get stained followed by damaging process quickly.

    3. Faux Wood:

      This is a newly developed variety of the tiles in the colour of woods but its quality is of normal tiles. People are interested in these types because it looks like wood but is shining and durable in nature. There is no fear of getting termites attacks. So these types fulfil both needs i.e colour like wood but durable like tiles.

    4. Mosaic:

      Mosaic tiles are one of the most traditional choices for decorative tiles or for creating a specialty in the look of the floor. Consisting of small tiles, often square, mosaic tiles are laid together to create a larger effect for a high visual impression. Mosaic tiles can be made of different materials, with stone, glass, and ceramic being the most commonly used.

    5. Terrazzo:

      It is a combination of multiple types of the tiles composing material thus makes a colourful patch on its surface. They have a shiny surface and are easy to clean which makes it a choice for the public building and places where we get large traffic of people. The slippery nature of it does not make it a good option to be used in the home.

What All Do We Clean

Apart from making your tiles and grouts spotless clean, we have other services at Shine Cleaning Services. We do tile restoration, grout restoration, tile sealing, colour sealing, and grout sealing. Moreover, we also take up jobs for caulking, floor polishing, tile protective coating, mildew removal, and stain removal from tiles. We also do grout and tile replacement. In addition to that, you can also call us for shower steam cleaning and tub steam cleaning services.

Quality Tile and Grout Cleaning Solutions

Shine Tile and Grout Cleaning Ainslie deliver the best tile and grout cleaning solutions. We serve all areas of Ainslie with the finest and most affordable tile and grout cleaning services. If we are unable to make you happy with our services then you can ask for re-cleaning at no additional cost. 

Tile and Grout Cleaning Ainslie
Tile and Grout Cleaning Ainslie

Why Our Tile Cleaning Solutions are The BEST!

Shine Cleaning Services Ainslie is a local company of Ainslie, cleaning tiles and grouts throughout Ainslie for over 20 years. We deliver the lowest priced tile and grout cleaning solutions with utmost perfection. We work 24×7; on weekends and public holidays too. We hire only certified and licensed cleaners who are thoroughly trained to make sure YOU get nothing but the best service.

For cleaning your tiles and grouts, we use only eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are devoid of any chemicals. Thus, our cleaning methods do not leave any carbon footprints on the environment and are completely safe for your kids and pets too.

Call Shine Cleaning Services to avail any of our many tile and grout cleaning services anywhere in Ainslie at the most affordable price!

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