Methods For Carpet Stain Removal at Home

Carpets play a very important role in our home interiors and decors, almost every household has one or more carpets at home. They not only add beauty to our interiors but also provide us with a soft ground to walk upon. Carpets are very prone to daily accumulation or dirt and our dead skin cells. Stains are very harmful to the overall quality and life of your carpets and ignoring carpet stain removal asap will result in permanent damage and decoration of your carpets. Food stains and spills of organic fluids can result in the contamination of the carpets by bacteria and germs and can also be the cause of mould formation. So make sure that you get your routine carpet cleaning done and in case of spilling or staining follow this guide for stain removal tips and tricks. Provided below are the methods of carpet stain removal.

Carpet Stain Removal
Carpet Stain Removal

Methods For Carpet Stain Removal:

1. Normal Water and Detergent

For fresh spills of simple foods and fluid, you can generally use detergent or liquid soap. A wet cloth or a brush can generally be used depending upon the type of stain you want to remove. Pour detergent-water solution over to the stained carpet, limit the amount of water you use to avoid carpet water damage. Now brush the stain in a circular motion, again and again, lather formed will also be removed dirt trapped deep within the fibres of the carpet. After cleaning the stain you can use a wet cloth to remove extra detergent left inside and leave the carpet to dry in the fan or use a hair dryer for fast drying.

2. Carbonated Water

Believe it or not, you can actually use carbonated water for simple carpet stain removal too. Soda water is generally a mild stain removal agent and can be used on sensitive carpets as its ph neutral and colourless, odourless just like water. For fresh stains pour some amount of soda water onto the stain and leave it there for a minute. Rub the stained surface with a wet cloth to further eradicate the stain. For the dry old stain, you can use a wet cloth rinsed in carbonated water and rub the cloth over the stain repeatedly and see the stain slowly fade away into oblivion. Make sure you always dry your carpets after the use of any liquid or fluid.

3. Baking Soda and White Vinegar

Baking soda and white vinegar both can be used for carpet stain removal, you can use them both individually or together depending upon the nature of your stain. Baking soda can be directly sprinkled over the fresh stain and left. This powder will reach deep int the carpets and further cleaned with water. Same way you can spray or pour white vinegar on the fresh stain and let it seep deep within the fibres and remove the stain. Both together can be used by making a paste of soda and vinegar. This paste can be applied on the fresh or old stubborn stains and left as it is for an hour. Small chunks and caking of baking soda and vinegar will be left after carpet stain removal which can be removed by a brush or a vacuum cleaner.

Carpet Stain Removal Services
Carpet Stain Removal Services

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