How To Remove Oil Stains From A Mattress?

Mattresses cleaning regularly helps in handling the health and hygiene of our family. To maintain the beauty and reputation it should be cleaned regularly. It’s a very tough job doing mattress stain removal process and doing by stubborn strain method it can lead to a bad permanent damage to your lovely mattress. Oil and grease seem to be the most of the toughest and damaging stain on your mattress. When accidentally Oil spills deep inside the mattress within the fibres and paddings then it becomes a very difficult task to remove oil from the mattress. The best option you can go for is hiring a mattress cleaning services to take care of your mattress properly and give you a 100% guaranteed cleanness with proper satisfaction by showing you good results.

Remove Oil Stains From A Mattress
Remove Oil Stains From A Mattress

Follow The Given Below Method With A Diy Guide On Oil Stain Removal From The Mattress


  • Mattress stain removing soap or detergent
  • Fresh Clothes or cleaning papers
  • Vacuum
  • CornStarch
  • Baby powder
  • Empty Bowl

Step 1

  • Before starting mattress oil stain removal process firstly clean the Old oil stains.
  • Mix glycerine and oil in a little quantity and start using it in a less amount and start cleaning.

Step 2

  • Take blotting paper or a fresh wet cloth and gently dump it over the stain and soak as much oil it can.
  • Let the cloth soak all remaining fluid and oil and keep the process repeated until the stain is not removed.

Step 3

  • Dry the mattress properly and put some Cornstarch on it.
  • It helps in to loosen up the fibres and removing remaining oil.
  • Put some cornstarch on the mattress and start scrubbing gently.
  • After that leave it for a while to settle down and dry completely.

Step 4

  • Vacuum all the remaining residue of the cornstarch.
  • If you still notice any oil and cornstarch sign left then repeat this process.

Step 5

  • For mattress stain removal you can use any detergent or soap to clean your mattress.
  • Use a brush and simply start brushing on your mattress.
  • After brushing gently clean it with clean water and leave it for a while to dry.

Step 6

  • If you notice any sign of detergent left simply dry clean it.
  • By using a clean cloth just damp on the stain and suck as much residue you can absorb. Keep repeating to remove all the water and soap.
  • A hair dryer or a leaf blower can also be used to dry up the stain.
  • You can leave the mattress in the sunlight and let it dry.

    Mattress Stain Removal
    Mattress Stain Removal

Professional Care

For hard old and stubborn oil stains you must hire a mattress cleaning services. At Shine Cleaning Services we provide our customers with the top best services including Mattress stain removal and routine mattress cleaning. It has become an important part of our daily life routine, and our professional mattress cleaners will help it to maintain it properly so it can give you many benefits like the quality and life of your mattress will increase.  Our all services are at an affordable price and good deals. For more information call us today and book your booking.

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