Grout Repair is Harder Than it Sounds

Grouts are the ones which fix the tiles and make them steady. These grouts consist of a mixture of some sand and water along with cement. Therefore, these work as an adhesive for the tiles. But over a period of time, you may face some issues with the grouts. As some dirt and dust starts depositing between the grouts which makes them look bad and spreads some infections too. Also, due to lack of moisture or high heat, the grouts may get some cracks. This not only looks bad but will also make the tiles loose. Therefore, it is necessary to have a regrouting service or a tile repair over a period of time.

Mistakes People Do While Regrouting 

As you know that regrouting is the only solution to avoid the bad effects of dirty or cracked grout. But there are a lot of consequences which may occur due to improper regrouting. The mistakes that people generally do during the regrouting process are as follows:

  • Improper Mixing

The mixture that is to be filled between the tiles is a formulation of cement, sand and water. But there is a particular ratio for every component that must be mixed in properly. If the formulation ratio guidelines are not followed, you may not get effective grouting solutions. This is because grouts work as an adhesive for the tiles. But if the grout formation is not good, it may lose its adhesive strength. Also, the grouts may get washed off if they get into contact with water.

  • Uneven Leveling Of Grouts

Uneven grouting is one of the most common mistakes which people do during the grout repairs process. This may lead to the formation of “peaks and valleys” between the tiles. Not only does this make the tiles look bad but if it is on the floor, people may observe some disturbance while walking over it. Uneven grouting depicts the unskillful grouting job too. Therefore, it is necessary to get a levelled grouting solution.

  • Washing

Most of the people wash the tiles just after the regrouting. This is one of the biggest mistakes people make after grouting. It may wash away the grout mixture from the tiles and the tiles may lose the adhesive strength. Also, it looks very bad too. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid washing or cleaning the tiles just after the grouting solution. Grouts usually take 36-72 hours to become dry and solid.

  • Excessive Usage Of Grout

During the regrouting services, most of the people apply the new grout without removing the existing one. But this act is not good at all. 

Hire A Professional For All Your Grout Repair Needs

Grouting is not an easy job. It requires a lot of skill along with a lot of experience and high tech equipment. If an individual with no such things tries to regrout, they may not get the effective results. Also, they may end up damaging the tiles or grouts. Therefore, to avoid such situations, ask for professional help. So, Shine Cleaning Services, Tile and Grout cleaning services at Canberra is here to help you with the best grout repair services. Also, these grouting services are available at cheap rates. So, contact us  right now to make a booking for cleaning your desired regrouting services.

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