5 Tips to Remove Muddy Paw Prints from Your Microsuede Lounge

Microsuede Lounge always looks stylish and is easy to clean. Never avoid the small problems because small problems become big issues later if not solved timely. In the rainy season pets, and kids easily track some muddy paw prints and microsuede lounge cleaning becomes difficult with these prints. So, you can hire sofa cleaning services to get rid of them with easy & safe methods.

Before Cleaning Let Wet Mud Dry

There are certain stains and spots of mud that require immediate reaction. It becomes easy to clean the mud when it is dry and moist mud creates the biggest mess. If you want to remove the soil from the upholstery then use a vacuum hose over the spots in different reactions. Pay proper attention while cleaning because some dirt particles escaped below the surface. 

  • Read the Lounge instructions

With every Microsuede Lounge, follow a few instructions, so it’s important to read the instructions properly. Two instruction signs are on lounge W and S. If your lounge is instructed with W then clean it with water-based cleaner while a lounge with S would be stained by water and another microsuede solvent. But if both letters are mentioned then you can use both water-based cleaner and solvent. 

  • Spray mixture of mild soap and microfiber solvent

Mix water drops of mild soap and microfiber solvent in a spray bottle. Use it with a clean towel. Make sure the bottle you use is clean and previously doesn’t hold a chemical. To avoid any contamination which affects your microsuede lounge fabric, clean the bottle.

  • Spray small areas at a time

When you spray water or solvent for microsuede lounge cleaning on its surface then make sure you don’t soak it. Don’t spray the solution on the entire surface in one go. Firstly, Try to concentrate on one area. Before using the spray-on lounge test on a small portion.

  • Wipe the lounge

To clean each section use a clean towel to wipe in a circular motion. Sometimes the portion of furniture looks darker when it’s damp, waiting for the fabric to dry, and when it’s dry it returns to the original color. To clean the muddy paw prints, focus your efforts on microsuede fabric. Fresh stains are very easy to remove. Before sitting in your lounge let it dry, it is noticed that the microsuede lounge dries quickly within 20 minutes. You can also direct a fan at it to help it dry.

  • Buff the dry fabric

After microsuede lounge cleaning it may feel and look stiff. With the help of a clean cloth buff the fabric, once the material is completely dry. Over the surface rub in circles and after some time you become able to recover the softness of the fabric. 


If you need extra help with cleaning your Microsuede Lounge then hire professional upholstery cleaning services in Hobart. They use special equipment and tools for cleaning and maintaining your lounge. To fluff, the fibers of the fabric rub gently with a soft brush and clean the lounge regularly.

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