3 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Tile Regrouting

Who do you think is the main culprit of your dull and dirty tiled area? Are they the tiles themselves? No, the grouting in between the tiles is to be blamed here. The tiled areas across your home become dirty with the regular tear and wear over the time. Bumps and cracks loosen your tile grouts that also make the space for mould growth inside the grouts and your waterproofing will also be at the higher risk. You what can save and rejuvenate your tiled areas? Well, tile regrouting can your best bet in this case.

Tile and Grout Cleaning
Tile and Grout Cleaning

When you don’t get the luxurious finish that you expect from the tiled surface, even after countless tries, its time probably the time to regrout your tiles. Plus, tile regrouting is much simpler and cost-effective process than tile replacement. But there are certain thing and mistakes that you need to keep in mind while carrying out tile regrouting procedure.

Most Common Tile Regrouting Mistakes

Before you start the process, it is important you have gathered all the necessary tools. The tools and ingredients you need to regrout the tiles include bucket, utility knife, grout mixing ingredients- grout mix and caulk, sponge, and rags.

  1. Not Giving The Grouting Ample Drying Time

    Grouting creates the mess, the mixture does get stick to the tiles, no matter how hard you try to avoid it. But before cleaning the mixture off your tiles, make sure you give the tiles ample time to get dry. You have to be patient until the grout set into the tiles is dried up. Hurry in removing the mess can squeeze or deteriorate the grouting, that will further ruin the alignment of tiles. However, waiting too long can also result in an irreversible damage, as the mixture will take the permanent place on your tiles. 24-72 hours is the ideal time that you need to give to the regrouted surface before bringing it into use.

  2. Uneven Grouting

    Tile Regrouting Services
    Tile Regrouting Services

    Uneven grouting is one of the most common tiles regrout mistakes. A messy grouting does the opposite work as that of the purpose you started it. Instead of making your tiled surfaces clean and tidy, it ruins the overall look. Besides looking bad, uneven grouting is also difficult to clean and maintain. To avoid this case, you need to fill enough amount of grout mix within the gaps. Grouting does shrink on drying that makes it uneven. Hence, make sure put plenty of mix into the joints.

  3. Improper Mixing of Grout

    Another common mistake during the regrouting process is not mixing grouts properly. Mixing too much water to the grout makes the consistency too thin, and make it runny and it will not set into the joints properly. And adding too little amount will make the grout powdery. Hence, it is important to follow the instruction as labelled on the grout packaging. This will give you the idea of the number of ingredients to be mixed. Improper grout mixing can also lead to the discolouration.

What Can Bring You Perfect Tile Regrouting?

Tile Regrouting
Tile Regrouting

Professionals can bring you the best result for tile regrouting. With the help of the right tools and advanced skills, they know how to carry out the process with perfection. Our professionals at Shine Cleaning Services are capable of offering you complete solution tile and grout cleaning in Canberra. Hire us now and get the cost-effective services on the same day of booking.

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