11 Ways You Can Maintain Your Freshly Cleaned Carpet

A fresh clean carpet will not have any dust, unpleasant odours, and debris accumulated in it. A carpet that is professionally cleaned can again welcome all the dust from outside. The new carpets must look new forever, and it is a challenge for every homeowner. The fresh and clean carpets can enhance the beauty and glory of your home. You can keep your carpets looking new and attractive for years by following the below-given guide about their cleaning and maintenance.

Top 11 ways to protect your carpet and maintain its freshness after cleaning:

1. Walk cautiously on your fresh and clean carpet

Walking on the carpet with caution is often recommended. A moist carpet is risky to walk upon due to its greasy surface. Walking on the carpet as early as you clean it will also make it compressed. As a result, a longer time will be taken to dry the carpet. Thus, walk cautiously on the carpet to keep it fresh for a long time.

2. Increase the temperature of your room

Increasing the temperature of your room will decrease the drying time of the carpet. You can set up the thermostat at 75°F. The warmness of the air will instantly absorb the dampness and will dry the carpet faster. You must know that drying is very necessary after cleaning to maintain freshness.

3. Keep the room ventilated

If the humidity level of your home increases because of the freshly cleaned carpet.  Although by opening the windows, you can reduce the level of humidity and can keep your carpet fresh and clean.

4. Act quickly over liquid spills

When there is moving air then your carpets can dry more quickly. You should act quickly on spills. When you have a clean carpet the liquid spills will not take much time to become stains. 

5. Use a carpet protector

A carpet protector will keep your carpet clean. A professionally recommended carpet protector will stop the diffusion of stains and dust into your carpet. It will also increase the amount of time for your carpet to go without cleaning.

6. Clean up the stains immediately

The main reason for building up the soil in the carpet is a result of unwillingness or hesitation to clean up the stains immediately. You will only need a paper towel and a carpet spotter to clean the stains. Blot the spot gently. Do not scrub your carpet hard else you will not aggravate the stain but you will damage the carpet. Learn to vacuum your professionally cleaned carpet.

7. Try moving the furniture

Most of us are unaware of the fact that moving your furniture can decrease the portion of the carpet from getting damaged. You can set a routine for changing the position of the furniture, this can save your carpet from dents. 

8. Keep the sunlight away

We know that it is very appealing to open the windows and shades on a hot day.  However, your carpet can also suffer from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Exceptionally, if your carpet is dark, then the colour is at high risk of being destroyed by the sun.

9. Use mats

You will decrease the amount of dust that your visitors got in by using a mat. You should place a mat in front of your home’s entry. It is also a good choice to have everyone take off their shoes outside once they enter your home.

10. Wait before moving the cleaned furniture

You should not keep anything wet over your carpet. So, you should wait before moving the cleaned furniture. The carpet probably will get wet for at least 24 hours because of wet furniture. Also, vacuum clean your carpet floor before placing the furniture over the carpet.

11. Vacuum your professionally cleaned carpet

The best idea is to vacuum the carpet once a week. 75% of dirt and stains particles can easily be removed by vacuuming. You need to work slowly while vacuuming. Routine vacuuming will keep the looks of your carpet fresh and beautiful. 

So, we saw the best tips that can help you to maintain the cleanliness of your carpet. However, if you feel the need for cleaning experts, we can help you in the best way. Shine Cleaning Services has a team of experts for all kinds of cleaning to maintain your carpet. 

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